Construct a killer robot from scratch then challenge your enemy to battle in the arena. Choose from over 150 components to include in your killer robot, program them to do accomplish your strategy then see your robot rise in the ranks.

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Getting Started: Robot Construction

How To Build A Robot

Robot Construction Tutorial


Building your own robot in Assembly League is easy! The challenge is to construct a robot superior to your enemy and best suited to your strategy.

Step 1: Decide on a Winning Strategy

As a professional robot builder, your first task is to plan ahead!

Acceleration & Maximum Speed - Does your robot need to rely on being faster than the enemy? -Perhaps you need your robot to be able to outrun an enemy? Being able to move across the arena faster than your enemy will provide you with many benefits!

Rotational Speed - If your strategy requires your robot to make fast turns then you will need to ensure the parts that you use will provide you with the rotational flexibility that you need.

Processing Power - If you have a complex strategy then you may want to have increased computational processing ability to allow your robot to run more commands in less time.

Weight - For agile robot designs the weight must be kept to a minimum while robots who have plans to smash into their opponents may want to have as much weight behind them as possible to cause maximum damage.

Step 2: Choose a Robot Type

The most important choice when building a robot is to choose the right robot chassis type.

Wheeled - Robots using wheels are have a good acceleration and maximum speed but are not so great at rotating quickly

Track - Robots using tracks can have a good rotational/angular speed and is a good all-round robot base.

Legs -

Spider -

Transformer -

Winged -

Step 3: Add a Cockpit

Humanoid -

Mech -

Copter -

Droid -

Utility -

Step 4: Add Weapons

Choosing the right weapons for your strategy is essential. You may choose to many different types of weapons and even fire them all simultaneously during a match but a great robot builder will ensure his robots fire off the right weapon for maximum effect.

Machine Guns -

Shotguns -

Miniguns -

Sniper Rifles -

Flak Cannons -

Rocket Launchers -


Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP) -

Flamethrowers -


Your robot is now ready to be programmed to implement your strategy. See the Assembly Programming Tutorial for more information on how to program your robot

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