Construct a killer robot from scratch then challenge your enemy to battle in the arena. Choose from over 150 components to include in your killer robot, program them to do accomplish your strategy then see your robot rise in the ranks.

Game Robo

Welcome -Dev Update

Leon Botha (INESSOFT) said

Welcome to the Assembly League.
This is the first forum entry. The website and forum is a bit rough around the edges but will be refined as development progress.

For the moment the forum should be about to serve to share ideas, raise criticism, log bugs, and get to know fellow players.

Hope you have fun playing the game and creating the ultimate killer robot.

Update 2017-12-13
The game is very close to being released. Some features that have been implemented since this thread was created includes a chat area, a shop, a league leaderboard, component images, robot screenshots, a decent match introduction screen, weapon sound effects, weapon impact visual effects, robot destruction, component destruction, an improved scoring system, a newsreel, a game hints/tips screen to display during loading, icons for robots, ability to play on different arenas, an economics system for players to win prize money.

I also spent a great deal of time to implement a screen recorder to record matches then automatically upload them to youtube but these file sizes were just too large to send at the end of each match. So that component was removed completely because it just makes the loading time too long.

There are two major tasks still ahead:
1) Creating a trailer and/or intro scene for the game. Most game stores require a trailer for the game. Unfortunately, this is also the single most important marketing showcase material and really needs to be eye candy. I for sure don't have the skills to do awesome video production so, my thoughts are to create an actual game scene with timed events and a managed camera, like a movie scene being directed but only by me as programmer the, capture a video of this movie playing out, add some stop-cut scenes along with text and use it as the trailer. We will see.

2) The other important thing that really is a long term task is to create more arenas for the robots to battle in. The is much more challenging than it may seem. The constraints are that the arena itself must be open & without obstacles otherwise the players' code won't work correctly according to their strategy (their robots may get stuck walking into a tree). That being said, it is a HUGE area and looks barren without any additional game objects in the scene.


Game Robo